The point about Google

Well, the point about Google is not only about monopoly, but also about web culture in the broadest meaning of the term.

The way we use Google today, Google determines the way we perceive the web. Googling has already become a synonym for using or for surfing the web. And that’s the point because there’s something going wrong here.

The solution, however, to my mind is not „improving“ search engine technology, but rather developing something completely different. We have had the web catalogue such as Yahoo or DMOZ and the search engine so far. What could replace these tools that have clearly proved insufficient?

What we need is a new paradigm providing orientation for web users. I don’t know either what this could be, but it is clearly not a different or another search engine, so what we need is not an alternative to Google.

Google itself already is obsolete. Otherwise, we would not think about alternatives, would we?

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