Rückblick auf den 9. November 1989 II

Antwort auf der Facebookseite von „World have your say“, BBC World Service, 9. November 2009 auf die Frage: „What has the falling of the Berlin Wall meant to you?“:

Looking back at events 20 years ago makes an ambivalent picture. On the one hand, of course, a dictatorship came to an end. On the other hand, in merging the two German states social security was run down by the then conservative government under Chancellor Kohl. West Germans have lost a lot of security and wealth that was hence taken to the East where it was mostly lost. So, it is sad, but it is not a big surprise that some 20 percent of all Germans wish the Wall were back again.

Most notably, the fall of the Berlin Wall meant something completely different to West as opposed to the East Germans, as the latter were traditionally much more oriented towards the West than vice versa.

So, apart from all the official jamboree probably most Germans have lost more than they have gained through the changes at the time.

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