TeX Live 2009 in the press and in the blogs

First of all, I also would like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the new release of TeX Live. It is good to have a new version at hand that is up to date again.

I have searched the web for reports on the release of TL 2009, and I would like to share some links that I know of with you.

As last year, I have published an overview of the new features in TL2009 at German Heise Newsticker which was published yesterday. There will probably also be a brief notice in the next issue of c’t magazine due to be published in two weeks time.

This article was translated into Polish. Contrary to last year, unfortunately there was no translation into English.

Heise’s German counterpart Golem today has more or less copied this article and has published a shorter version of it.

Then, I still found a report in Russian which links to a blog post (also in Russian).

And I also have also found what looks like a blog posting in Japanese at ZDNet.

As I speak neither Russian nor Japanese, I cannot say anything about the latter two, but the buzz words spelt in latin characters appear very much familiar anyway. Apologies for that.

Some bloggers have also mentioned the release, some were more, some were less eloquent. Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard has published the most comprehensive article on TL2009 in French by far while Joseph Wright and Stefan Kottwitz have also contributed blog posts in English and in German.

The Daily BSD points out that TL now also comes with NetBSD binaries.

Now, I must say that I am still somewhat disappointed about the fact that the Linux and the other free software magazines apparently did not feature TL2009, but, on the other hand, this seems to be by far the release that has been most widely reported ever since I have been following TeX development.

If you know about other blog posts or any kind of noteworthy reports would you please let me (and the list) know.

Post, Mailingliste tex-live, 10. November 2009.