Zotero and Mendeley revisited

After a while of absence I revisited both the Zotero and Mendeley platforms so as to have a look at what’s happened there lately. To cut a long matter short: Zotero has received a lot of spam users, particularly since last May. I had to remove quite a number of them from my open groups and I changed group settings from open to closed. This is quite disturbing, but the problem seems to be innate in platforms offering such friend-and-follower features comparable to Twitter, or Facebook. On the other hand, the data kept at Mendeley has undergone a rather interesting development as far as German legal literature is concerned. When searching for legal papers in German, I got quite a number of results, even when looking for terms such as „unfallversicherung“ that are usually not that popular. However, you can find current research papers of interest on both platforms. The next move to watch out for will probably be on the software side, as Zotero has announced to introduce a standalone version of its client, taking on Mendeley Desktop, of course.

Forenbeitrag, Xing-Gruppe Scientific/academic publishing, 31. Juli 2010.