Ausgegoogelt III

von schneeschmelze

In der Diskussion um den Suchalgorithmus von Google hat Till Kinstler heute in der InetBib-Liste auf einen Blogbeitrag von Roy Tennant hingewiesen, der die Frage aufwirft, inwieweit die Abfrage einer allgemeinen Suchmaschine überhaupt zu „Erkenntnis“ führen kann, zumindest seitdem Google die Suchergebnisse „personalisiert“: „Google is ‚personalizing‘ search results whether you login to a Google account or not. In other words, Google tries to learn as much as it can about you from your past behavior and move specific search results up or down on the page based on that past behavior. Before, did you click on this link, or that one? … I believe that a skinhead searching for information on the Holocaust should not find Holocaust-denying web sites filling his screen simply because those are the sites that his friends have clicked on. Some answers really need to be given, whether the person asking the question wants that answer or not. But then Google’s mission has never really been truth, has it?“