Verfahrenseinstellung im Fall zu Guttenberg

A politically-minded deal, without a doubt. But a logical consequence of the principles and the trends in German penal law and prosecution, too, given the „Anprangerungseffekt“ that goes with the media campaign around the scandal, albeit self-inflicted. Penal law is not a tool for solving the problems of the scientific community. No fine would have been high enough for what he did. We have to deal with the scourge of plagiarism ourselves. Beware, this lad is not counted out for all time. His party has offered him to return to politics, and as you mentioned, the Editor-in-chief of German weekly Die Zeit together with the mostly Catholic Herder publishers have just paved zu Guttenberg the way back to center stage. That’s a shame.

Kommentar, Ziko’s Blog, 23. November 2011.